Yarn FAQ

Do you take custom orders on yarn?

I'm open to it!  Send me an email and we can chat about it.



Please refer to my "FAQ" page for general shipping information.  At this time all the yarn listed is ready made and ready to ship!  I will have it off in the mail in 1-3 business days.


Why does my yarn look different from the photo online?

Screen monitor colours can vary, as well as lighting while I'm taking photos.  I try my best to capture each skein in its most natural state.  Please keep in mind, dyeing yarn in small batches by hand results in not every skein or colourway being the same, that is the beauty of indie dyed yarn!  It is recommended that you alternate skeins every few rows to avoid any noticeable colour differences.

I don't like the way my yarn knit up, why did you design it that way?

Yarn can sometimes "pool" or group together into splotches while you are knitting it up, the way I dye my yarn "artistically" I'm in no way intending it to knit or crochet into a certain design once worked...this is once again the beauty of indie dyed yarn and honestly I think it's pretty cool some of the patterns it creates!  But please note by purchasing more than one skein and alternating the skeins you can avoid this effect.

How do I wash my garment I knitted with your yarn?

I carry both superwash and non superwash yarn.  Although you can machine wash superwash yarn I do not recommend it, we put ALOT of work into our knit and crochet goods and it would be heart breaking to ruin something we put hours into creating...handwash in cool water with a natural wool wash like "Soak" and gently and lay flat to dry.


I hand washed my garment made from your yarn and the water is slightly pink?

I do my best to hand rinse every skein until the water runs clear, but keep in mind slight "bleeding" can occur especially during it's first wash.  This is completely normal as some colours do slightly bleed.