Do you make custom orders?

Sure do, just send me an email and we can work out the details!


Will I be charged customs fees on my order?

Yes, unfortunately I have no control over this.  I am not responsible for any fees whatsoever that you may incur on receipt of your item(s).  And I will not mark items as gifts as that is illegal.  Sorry, but that's just the way it is.


How soon will my order ship?

I do my best to ship out your item(s) as soon as possible, this usually occurs within 1-3 business days but can sometimes take a little longer not usually but sometimes.


Will my order include tracking?

All Canadian packages include tracking BUT international and U.S. packages do NOT.  If you would like tracking on your order please email me and I can quote you a cost for a tracked international order.  I am not responsible for lost, missing or damaged packages.


My parcel never arrived, can you resend it? 

I'm sorry, but once your parcel leaves my hands I am NOT responsible for it.  Please make sure your billing address and shipping address are correct.  Use tracking methods to ensure you know where your package is, then you can deal with the shipping company if you have a concern...once again this is not my responsibility.

Hipknitized is NOT responsible for lost, missing, untracked, or for any parcel that does not arrive or arrives damaged.


Do you combine shipping?

If you order more than one item within less than 12 hours I will do my best to combine shipping although if I have already shipped one of your items then they will be shipped separately.  It doesn't hurt to send me an email to give me a heads up that you have purchased separate items and that you would like to combine your orders.


Shipping prices 

All shipping prices are estimated to the best of my ability.  Since items vary in sizes, weights, different destinations etc...its almost impossible to have shipping prices exact.  I do my best to calculate these and to be honest some times I pay the difference out of pocket.  If at anytime you notice that you have been charged shipping that unfairly reflects your purchase please email me and I can make adjustments if necessary.


Can I return my item?

Sorry, at this time all sales are final.  But if for some reason you are completely unsatisfied with your item please email me.  This does not include because you are unhappy with the colour, the size, or it was a gift and the recipient didn't like it.